Ella (Fitzgerald) is an urban block between Gershwinlaan and De Boelegracht offering social housing in a top spot in Zuidas. With apartments averaging a spacious 80 m2 GFA, the project had a rapid turnaround time, progressing from structural design to planning application in four months. 


The block follows a clear plan, rising high on busy Gershwinlaan, while two low-rise sections sit along short roads opening onto De Boelegracht. Within this layout is a wide variation of homes with various orientations on the street and city. The way different levels of the residential structure have been carefully designed to relate to the surrounding area makes Ella stand out amid the architectural diversity of the Gershwin area. This relationship is different in units opening onto the street compared to those that are just a bit – or a lot – higher up. The building is faced in bright reddish-orange stone featuring a subtle profile that lends it a distinctive personality. 

• Completed: 2017
• 57 social rental apartments
• 5 storeys
• Unit floor area: 80 m2
• Design: Inbo