Park Meadows Beethoven Residences

Discover the perfect synergy between vibrant city life and nature. An exceptional project shaping the future of living with vision, style, and sustainability.

Park Meadows Beethoven Residences 

Distinctive Floors
The Amsterdam skyline is going to be graced by two remarkable towers, each with its unique character. The east tower, featuring 19 floors, offers top-tier rental apartments, while the west tower, with 17 floors, houses a variety of luxurious condominiums. The towers are connected through an open space encompassing a restaurant, wellness amenities, and inviting work and meeting areas. In total, there are 213 apartments distributed across both towers, catering to diverse housing needs, including purchase and mid-rent apartments, as well as free-market options.

Seamless Fusion of Urban Energy and Nature
Park Meadows is strategically located in Amsterdam-South, and adjacent to the Beatrixpark. Henk Brouwer (CEO Breevast) explains, “Here, we bridge the gap between the vibrant city of Amsterdam, its business district at the Zuidas and the tranquil nature of the Beatrixpark. Spaces like the lively restaurant and contemporary lounge embody the urban energy, while the pool, wellness facilities, and verdant surroundings of the buildings embrace the park’s ambiance.” Henk Brouwer adds, “The design of the residential towers was crafted by the internationally renowned architect Ben van Berkel, founder of the Dutch UNStudio. We are very proud to have entered into this collaboration.”

Sustainability and Well-being
In Park Meadows, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Ben van Berkel expresses his delight with this project: “An extensive and impressive project like this, in one of the most beautiful locations in Amsterdam, is truly exceptional. We wholeheartedly embraced the ‘biophilic design’ concept, seamlessly integrating natural beauty into the architectural framework. This approach not only enhances well-being but also reduces CO2 emissions. It also paves the way for future reuse, thanks to the use of sustainable and aesthetically pleasing materials. At UNStudio we are committed to designs that promote healthier living, have a minimal impact on the planet, yet leave a lasting impact on our cities and people, and Park Meadows fits in perfectly with that.”

Henk Brouwer, expresses: “At Breevast, our mission is to reimagine real estate for the communities of tomorrow. This vision comes to life in Park Meadows, where sustainability, connectivity, and creating spaces for the future are our top priorities.” Henk Brouwer: “We are going to build regardless, unlike many other developers who often require 70% of the project to be pre-sold. We are very proud of that. Preparatory work has already been completed, and we will commence construction in January 2024. The delivery of the first apartments is scheduled for the end of 2026.” 

Breevast BouwApp
We have developed a special Breevast BouwApp for residents and those interested in the construction activities. This app will provide you with all the relevant construction information and send push notifications for any moments of potential inconvenience. We consider it vital to involve the community. Hence, we’ve created this app, and we will also regularly visit residents and other stakeholders to inform them and address any questions they may have.

For those interested in one of these great apartments, please visit: and sign up there. Once the sale begins, you will be informed. The affiliated real estate agency is Eefje Voogd, and interested parties can also contact them.

Park Meadows Beethoven Recidences 
The name “Park Meadows” evokes a perfect blend of city and nature, symbolizing an ideal residential project for those seeking a tranquil, green environment. It conjures visions of lush, natural landscapes, aligning seamlessly with the project’s goal of integrating nature into its design. Meadows also brings to mind peace and serenity, harmonizing with the aspiration to create a calm oasis amidst the bustling life of Amsterdam. The combination of ‘Park’ and ‘Meadows’ underscore the project’s aim to unite urban energy and natural beauty in perfect harmony. Beethoven Residences as subtitle, refers to the excellent location in Amsterdam.