The mismatch between Zuidas and carsharing

If you’re reading this magazine, you’re probably used to hearing how blessed you are to be working or living in Zuidas. In this unique hub that’s shaping the future of mobility. But when you look at the motorway through your office or living room window, it’s always the same old song twice a day, every day: traffic backed up as far as the eye can see. When it comes down to it, Zuidas is really the place where it takes 20 minutes to cover the first or last 200 metres.

Sure, we’ve got the potential to reinvent mobility, but it’s not happening. Oddly enough, despite alternatives like carsharing in our Financial Mile, most people still choose to drive themselves to their appointments. What gives? Is carsharing the problem, or Zuidas, or something else? It wasn’t until we started looking around at the options for shared cars, that the penny finally dropped. Because when you compare the magnificent offices and residential towers with the current fleet of shared cars, there is a sharp contrast. For an accountant, lawyer or consultant to pull up at a client’s office in a Smart or sticker-clad bumper car, is a sure way to make a poor impression.

No, in Zuidas we expect and have earned some class. We want the quality reflecting Amsterdam’s financial district. Zuidas has style and prefers to drive a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. At Sixt in Amsterdam-Zuid, we cater to that preference, which is why we’ve just opened our first two digital car hire locations in the Netherlands. That means goodbye counters: all you need is the app. Think of it like carsharing, but with nicer cars.

Is that all? No. In April we’re also launching our own car sharing programme in three big cities. With fleets that are fully electric, but also offer a fantastic range and a fair price. So what will it be? A Volkswagen E-Golf? A Jaguar I-Pace? It may not completely fix gridlock, but it just might help. And if you’re going to be stuck in traffic anyway, wouldn’t you rather be in a Jaguar? 


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